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Roger & Vicki Johnson
Reminic In Spots is the first (that we are aware of) fully AQHA registered Quarter Horse born with the distinctive "appaloosa style" blanket & spots coloring. He is also an exciting athlete, competing in the demanding sport of Reined Cow Horse.
As a sire, he has already produced successful Reined Cow Horse competitors - owned and shown by Professional & NonPro riders as well as by Youth riders. His get are trainable, willing, cowy and athletic... exactly YOR type of equine partner!
Reminic In Spots is 5-panel N/N ........ his AQHA registry number is 4821703 ..... & he is a grandson of Hall of Fame stallion REMINIC.


        Here at YOR HORSES we've raised & trained both AQHA registered Quarter Horses and ApHC registered Appaloosa horses for 25+ years.
        Our breeding program includes this exciting stallion, Reminic In Spots, crossed with outstanding performance mares from both breed registries: AQHA-registered mares produce AQHA-registerable foals, and the ApHC-registered mares produce ApHC-registerable foals.
        There are always great young horses available for sale, and occasionally some started under saddle or fully trained competition horses are available. STALLION PROSPECTS, FILLIES, MARES, GELDINGS .... more than just pretty colors!

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        BE SPOTTED

        The spots and fancy color on Reminic In Spots come from the LP-color gene, which is often associated with the Appaloosa breed. However - he is a full pedigreed & registered Quarter Horse. The LP-gene rarely occurs in AQHA horses, but it does happen!

        AQHA offspring

        Reminic In Spots offspring from AQHA mares are eligible for AQHA registration - even if born with full loud LP-color.

        ApHC offspring

        Reminic In Spots is an approved ApHC outcross so his get are eligible for ApHC registration from Appaloosa mares.


        • Roger Johnson
          owner & trainer
          Roger has been training & showing performance horses for 40+ years. As a horse breeder - he just tries to build them the way he likes them for himself, with willing minds & athletic ability.
        • Vicki Johnson
          owner & marketing
          Vicki has been planning matings & marketing YOR horses for 20+ years, including exporting horses to the USA, France, the UK, Germany & Chile.
        Video of Reminic In Spots - circling under a super moon
        August 2014, Open Bridle Class - great circling on a fresh fast cow under the Super Moon. Won the class .... More video below ....
        306.329.8600 or email YOR.appaloosa@gmail.com
        Video of Reminic In Spots at Bobby Ingersoll clinic - 
        Fence turn & then immediately to the circle .... first in slow motion, then at actual speed.